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ADA Compliance Statement

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ADA Compliance Statement

We are dedicated to ensuring that our website is informative and accessible to as many individuals as possible. Our ongoing commitment involves making continuous improvements to enhance accessibility.

Consider the following suggestions for a more accessible online browsing experience:

  • If you encounter difficulties while reading websites, the US Social Security Administration offers helpful suggestions to enhance computer and browser performance for a better online experience.
  • Utilize your computer to access internet information.
  • Navigate between screens using your keyboard.
  • Increase the font size for improved readability.
  • Magnify your computer screen to make content easier to read.
  • Customize the background and text colors to suit your preferences and enhance readability.
  • Enhance the visibility of your mouse cursor by adjusting its brightness (Windows-only).

By implementing these suggestions, we aim to improve your accessibility and ensure a more enjoyable browsing experience.